application and review management software
Screen 1: Web application custom form example.
Screen 2: Application Upload
Screen 3: Application reference form.
Screen 4: Applicant PDF view of entire application.

Web-based Application & References

Application Portal Highlights

  • Links seamlessly from your website
  • Customized template based on your organization's website style for seamless user experience
  • Allow an unlimited number of applicant documents to be uploaded - uploaded documents are automatically integrated into a single complete applicant file
  • Referees/recommenders are invited from within the application - references are sent direct to you (confidentially) and integrated into the applicant file
  • Multiple competitions can proceed simultaneously
  • Customizable instructions, guidelines and application form for each competition
  • Optional eligibility quiz to help screen out unqualified applicants
  • Requirement checks ensure complete application submission
  • Automatic shut off at deadline if required
  • Customizable extension dates as needed per competition
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails to applicants

Reference Portal Highlights

  • Web-based reference submissions and linking
  • Reference email requests with instructions are automatically sent when references are entered by the applicant
  • Reference status can be checked by the applicant to reduce unnecessary calls or emails to the organization by the applicant inquiring whether a letter was received or not
  • Customizable reference forms - letter requests, language evaluations forms, etc.
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails to references